Resolved HP Laptop Not Charging Issue

Is your HP laptop not charging properly? You might find your laptop draining faster than you thought. Attaching the adapter should be your priority. Even if the adapter is attached, your laptop may not be charging correctly. The first thing you need to do is check that your battery is still functioning properly. A dead battery may be the main reason.

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There are main reasons why HP laptop batteries don't charge.

Knowing the causes is the first step to solving the problem hp laptop plugged in not charging. These are some possible reasons.

If your connector is not working properly, please let us know.

An incorrect plugin.

Charging a non-chargeable lithium battery

Older system drivers.

How to solve the problem of a dead HP laptop battery

Method 1: Troubleshoot your hardware

When your laptop battery isn't charged, check your AC adapter and power cable.

A surge protector may prevent your HP laptop from charging. Connect your laptop to a wall outlet and check if your laptop can charge.

A bad AC adapter could be the reason for your battery problem. Try a new AC adapter to resolve your problem.

Method 2: Power Reset Your Laptop

A power reset will clear your laptop memory. This is useful for fixing a battery problem.

To reset your computer's power:

1)Reset your computer.

2)Removable laptop batteries should be removed.

3) Disconnect TheStromkabelYou can access it from your laptop.

4)Press the "Press and Hold" buttonPower buttons on your laptop to15Take a couple of seconds to release the item.

5)The battery should be inserted into your laptop.

6)Connect the power cord to your computer.

7)Turn on your laptop. Next, check the status of your battery.

It's great if this works for you! There are three options for you to consider if this method doesn't work.

Method 3: Re-install your battery driver

It could be that you are using an out-of-date or the wrong battery device driver. Check your driver and update it to confirm. It's possible to update your driver automatically with automatic software if you don't have the patience, time or skills. .

Your system will be automatically recognized, and the appropriate drivers installed. You don't need information about the system running on your computer. There is no need to download and install the wrong driver.

Use either the free or paid option to download and install your driver software.Pro version It takes just a minute to use the Pro version of .2Clicks, and you get Complete support. You can also


2)RunClick here click Here to Scan NowUse the button. Easy DriverThis will scan your computer to detect any drivers that are not working properly.

3)Click the latest next to the button. Your battery device downloads the most current driver. You will need to install the driver manually. Click theAll UpdatesTo to automatically update outdated or missing drivers on your computer, and click the bottom right button. (This requires the Pro version you will be asked to upgrade after you click Update All.

Although it is possible to do this for free, it requires some manual work.

Support can help you if your driver problem persists after you have updated it with Driver

Method 4: Updating your laptop BIOS

BIOS (Basic Output/Input System) manages the connection between your OS and your laptop hardware devices. Bad BIOS settings can lead to problems with laptop batteries not charging. Try updating your laptop BIOS to fix your hp laptop Charger.

Method 5: Have your computer serviced

If none of the above methods works for you, it could be a hardware problem with your motherboard or laptop battery. Your HP laptop should be serviced immediately to resolve the problem. You can contact HP customer support to get advice or bring your HP notebook to an authorized service provider.